Lawns and Landscapes

Garden Tips

  • Over Trim is Over Kill

    Avoid regular trimming of shrubs. The more often you cut the limb of a plant the more susceptible it is to various diseases, blights and funguses. 

  • Re-soil your Beds

    If you want to maintain healthy plants, (deep greens, bright colours and full leaves) you must ensure that you have your garden beds re-soiled with a soil mix which combines fibres and minerals...

  • Don’t Guess Be Sure

    Know your plants. It is important that you know how much sunlight a plant can tolerate before you place it in your garden. 

  • All Plants Want a Bed

    Always be sure that you implement a plant in a garden bed. If a plant has no loose soil around its base the chances of it surviving, far less being healthy is slim. 

  • Slug it

    If you have slugs in your garden you need to request free slug pellets from the Agricultural Centre in Greame Hall before your plants are reduced to sticks. 

  • Drip It Don’t Waste it

    If you have a garden you may want to consider having a drip irrigation system installed.