Lawns and Landscapes

Pots and Pathways

Pots, stepping stones & Bed Boarders are all useful accessories that can uplift any landscape. These items can add character, quality & value to your landscape while uplifting the beauty of your property all together.

It is important to choose pots that are proportionate to the area they are placed so that they don’t dwarf a small patio or get lost in a large courtyard. Stepping stones can really transform a landscape as it delivers a feel of order and sophistication to a property’s main entrance or its landscape in the backyard.

Bed boarders are cement decorative pieces that are used to separate the garden bed from the lawn. The benefits of installing garden bed boarders go much further than cosmetic enhancement as this is a practical way of keeping the lawn grass out of the beds and keeping the soil in. This feature has been catching on in Barbados of late as knowledge of its usefulness and beauty continue to spread.