Lawns and Landscapes

About Us

Our Mission is to deliver a level of service that surpasses the expectations of each one of the clients God calls us to serve.

Our Goal is to continuously build and develop our reputation based on the consistent delivery of our expertise, professionalism and good customer service

Lawns & Landscapes is a landscaping design, construction and maintenance company that is governed by Christian principles with the vision of  taking a fresh approach to overhauling an age old industry that has gained a bad reputation of being unreliable and unprofessional. 

Traditionally many Bajans have had to manage the maintenance of their landscapes themselves…calling behind the gardener, watching over that individual to ensure that the agreed job is correctly carried out or biting the bullet and maintaining their own yard as their schedule permits.

Whether it’s a monthly maintenance visit or the design & construction of a totally new landscape, we are mindful that time is money.  We take the headache out of maintenance and the delays out of development.